BCM325 – Future Cultures DA Contextual Essay + Final Project


My digital artefact discusses the various media paradigm shifts in the context of celebrities and how they present themselves. It links to four topics within the paradigm shifts: representational media, presentational media, intercommunication and the future of celebrity presentation of the self (short-term). The history of celebrity presentation has been weaved into these topics so a separate subtopic for that wasn’t necessary.


Instead of creating informative, WordPress blog posts for my artefact, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and create a YouTube video utilising audio-visual means. I created a written script, used the app Voice Memos to record the script, assembled together photos and videos relevant to the information I spoke about and used iMovie to put together the audio and visual material together. To make the artefact engaging, instead of just recording an audio, I thought that accompanying it with photos and videos would be interesting.

Background research

There were a mix of academic and non-academic sources I used to create my video. Christopher Moore’s lecture BCM325 Future Cultures: The Futures of Content (Part One) – Paradigm Shift (2019) was the most relevant lecture relating to my topic and I borrowed a large chunk of background information from that. For example, definitions and explanations relating to my sub-topics came mainly from that lecture. I was able to find information relating to the future of paradigms towards the end of the lecture as well. Moore argues that the representational media hasn’t been replaced but it has become less prominent than it was in the past.

For me, it was necessary not only to focus my attention to how celebrities presented themselves but giving brief background information on the paradigm shifts and related terms.

The promotion and presentation of the self: Celebrity as marker of presentational media (2010) by Phillip David Marshall is a journal article I heavily used when discussing relevant celebrity examples and information relating to representational media, presentational media and intercommunication. Marshall states what is often understood as social media via social network sites is also a form of presentation of the self and produces this new hybrid among the personal, interpersonal and the mediated – what he calls ‘presentational media’.

Also, when discussing about specific celebrities, I found relevant information from websites/news articles and talked about them in my video.


Even though I didn’t share this publicly with anyone, this artefact could have been useful to educate futurists on how celebrities would present themselves and their image. The history depicted in the video would inform audiences and show them what’s changed and what hasn’t, making my video informative.

Overall trajectory

Christopher Moore’s feedback for my pitch video permitted me to switch the path or direction I wanted to take for the final project. As previously stated, I stepped out of my comfort zone and instead of making the artefact word-based, I decided to get more creative and take up the audio-visual methodology.


In general, I am quite proud of this artefact as I challenged myself and stepped out of my comfort zone to produce a video with a voice over. I was happy with the research I did and how it was mainly relevant to my topic. I liked how I was more specific with my topic too (on celebrities) , rather than it being too broad. I’m also really proud with how well the video was put together in terms of visual materials used and the editing.


The one major limitation I faced with this project was utility. Due to time, I wasn’t able to share this with others to get feedback. Due to the fact that I had to submit this assessment late, I couldn’t share this with anyone and get feedback on time. I focused too much attention on getting the video done and not publicly share it with others. I spotted a few errors with the video too, where one or two times the audio didn’t line up with the visual material. I think I also could have discussed the future aspect for the artefact better as I believe the information I talked about wasn’t relevant enough to my topic.

DA Challenge

I didn’t take this into consideration. I focused just on getting the artefact done and doing my research.


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Frey, K 2018, Kylie Jenner Overtakes Beyoncé As Most Valuable Instagram Celeb With Posts Worth $1 Million, online, PEOPLE.com, available at: <https://people.com/style/kylie-jenner-highest-paid-kardashian-jenner-social-media-instagram/&gt; [Accessed 11 July 2020].

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Marshall, P 2010, ‘The promotion and presentation of the self: celebrity as marker of presentational media’ in Celebrity Studies, online, 1(1), pp.35-48. available at: <https://www.researchgate.net/publication/233155650_The_promotion_and_presentation_of_the_self_Celebrity_as_marker_of_presentational_media&gt; [Accessed 1 July 2020].

Miller, C 2016, THE RISE OF DIGITAL POLITICS, ebook, London: Demos, p.12, available at: <https://www.demos.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Demos-Rise-of-Digital-Politics.pdf&gt; [Accessed 2 July 2020].

Moore, C 2019, BCM325 Future Cultures: The Futures of Content (Part One) – Paradigm Shift, lecture, University of Wollongong.

Staff, 2020, Why Everyone’s Watching Bob Ross On Twitch, online, Acanac. available at: <https://www.acanac.com/blog/general-category/why-everyones-watching-bob-ross-on-twitch/&gt; [Accessed 2 July 2020].

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