Full-Frontal Fury

Full-Frontal Fury will be a comparative game media analysis on two of my most favourite game series ever: Ratchet & Clank and Crash Bandicoot. Using specific examples from the games, such as video clips and still images, I will investigate both sides of the argument as to whether cartoonish graphics can make one feel different about violence in games. All in all, I do believe cartoonish violence is tame compared to realistic violence in games, but exploring both sides of the argument will add comprehension to the artefact.

There are a multitude of paratexts I will utilise to support my case such as: walkthroughs (still images and video clips), reviews and online discussions.  Using academic sources, websites and news articles will solidify my case and argument better too.

There are a few structural aspects of Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet & Clank that can be taken into account on the topic of cartoon violence. These include: graphics, level design and controls. The design of a level determines the quantity of violence that will be imposed on the character. On the other hand, the controls determine which attacks the character employs and how violent they can be perceived. Moreover, how the player controls the character determines which hazardous area they will fall into.

Having primary data for the game media analysis will be beneficial as I can gather first-hand data regarding my chosen topic. Gathering opinions by individuals can add validity and reliability to the digital artefact. I will use polls to my advantage and ask questions to individuals their thoughts on cartoonish violence, the extent to how violent my chosen games are and so forth. 

Both Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet & Clank follow the orthodox narrative format as they have storylines which go in chronological order. The theme of heroism is strongly present in both game series and gamers can make sense of how dreadful series of events can occur in day-to-day life. Both Crash and Ratchet are the protagonists in their respective games and are male, which implies that they are stereotypically more ‘herioic’ and ‘daring’.

The notion of FIST is applicable to my artefact:

Fast– Tumblr is quick to use, it takes seconds to upload each post and uploading still images and videos there is fast. All of these aspects will save time.

Inexpensive– Tumblr is a free application and the game media texts I’m using are free too.

Simple and Tiny– Conveying ideas and analysis through social media posts is simple yet effective.









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  1. Pitch Video

    You have a very clear and concise topic which I will be interested to see how it develops further. I love the use of subheadings which are straight from the pitch format which shows you have engaged with assignment material. I also really like the visual elements of the video even though it won’t be assessed as much as the information it allows the audience to know what you’re speaking about by giving a brief example of the games you will be comparing. It is also obvious you have done research in this topic area as you briefly showed some academic papers etc. However, I would have liked to hear you explain in the background some further information for each of the subheadings as I think by speaking you would have got more information into the short video rather than just writing down sentences. I was also just a little bit confused if you will be using Tumblr to make your digital artefact or you will be using Tumblr to share your digital artefact for feedback? Other than that, I think you did an overall great job for your digital artefact pitch!

    Blog Post

    After reading your blog post I found that much of the information that I was confused about in the pitch video was cleared up. I now understand you will be using Tumblr for the digital artefact and instead be using polls to engage with your audience and gain feedback. Your explanation in the blog post is sufficient as it is well informative however not too long where I become bored with reading. You have clearly outlined the paratexts you will be analysing as well as a brief overview of the games themselves. I am aware of these games however for someone that has no prior knowledge you did a good job at making them understand exactly what you will be analysing. You also did a great job of making you digital artefact fit into the idea of FIST. In terms of presentation, your blog is clearly laid out, the texts are broken up well and you have some hyperlinks throughout and at the end of your post.

    Further Research

    I found a journal article which could help you with your digital artefact https://faculty.utrgv.edu/louis.falk/qrbd/QRBDmay19.pdf#page=87 from pages 87 and on it talks about how Crash Bandicoot is considered ‘mild violence’ however as time has progressed the graphics in the game have advanced changing this theory. It also seems to mention other examples of games which even though you are focusing on Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet & Clank when undertaking your digital artefact you may decide to change your focus.

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    1. Hi! Thank you endlessly for your wonderful feedback. It is greatly appreciated and I will definitely take on board your feedback. It helped a lot where you clearly stated where I can improve and I know it’ll make a difference. Thank you so, so much for that fantastic source and also briefly explaining what it contains. I can definitely still use information written about other games for my analysis just to get ideas as to maybe how those can relate to my chosen games for the analysis. Once again, thank you very much!! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Video
    You did a really good job at making your pitch video dynamic and energetic through the use of music, images and backgrounds, which made it very enjoyable to watch. It was also concise and straight to the point, which was emphasised through the titles, making your points clear and the centre of our attention. However I would improve this by expanding on each of these points either through speaking or dot-points (although I would encourage the former), as that would make it easier to explain what you were trying to say. This also goes for the clips of the games, as talking a bit about them would enhance your points. I would also recommend in the future to slow down the pacing a little as well as using a more accessible design as I found at times I missed the text as it was either gone too fast, too hard to read, or I got distracted by the music. A lot of this is just aesthetic however, and I really enjoyed the idea for your project itself; I love these games and it’s a really interesting topic.

    This was a lot better at explaining what exactly you’re doing for your DA. You also outlined a lot of the criteria needed for this project very well, such as which paratexts you’ll be using and how, the structural aspects of the games and how they affect its violence, and how you’ll be collecting data both of the games themselves and from your audience. All of this was discussed in great detail, the only thing I would suggest is the use of headings so that the reader can navigate the post easier. I think the use of Tumblr is a great idea as it’s easy to use, cost effective, and a great way to acquire an audience.
    The only thing I was really confused about in this post is the part about the characteristics of the protagonists as I found it a little irrelevant to what I thought the project was about. However, if you are going to incorporate how these characteristics of these protagonists AFFECT the violence in these games I think that would be a great approach.
    I have found a scholarly thesis that discusses how stereotypical masculinity (including violence) is often portrayed in video games and thought it could help if you decide to incorporate that argument into your DA.

    ‘Masculine Norms’ (Pg. 10-11)

    All in all I really love the idea for this DA and look forward to seeing where you take it!

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  3. Hey Aimee,

    I just finished viewing your video pitch and reading through your contextual blog post. I love how you have a creative name for your digital artefact ‘Full-Frontal Fury’. I thought your youtube video was very informative and creative. I particularly liked the use of graphics as well as the screen grabs and screen recordings. You made your video more interactive and interesting by including sections of the Crash Bandicoot game. It is apparent within the first paragraph of the blog post how you will undertake the project. I think it is an extremely interesting topic to explore and I like how you have personalised it through exploring your two favourite game series and also by presenting an opinion.

    It is good how you have referred to paratexts and the sources you intend to use. The utilisation of links is present further validating your use of research. You have used FIST to show that the digital artefact is timely and relevant. I think it is especially interesting that you plan on using Tumblr as your choice of platform to upload images. It is very unique.

    I would suggest maybe using headings so people can navigate your blog post especially with the links. A small description of the linked pages would be helpful rather than simply the url. You have successfully displayed your intention and methodology but I don’t believe your utility is discussed, the audience is very important. I recommend next time indicating why you think this particular topic is relevant to users (social utility) and also your content schedule.

    I like how you related the stereotype of males being more courageous or heroic to the depiction of the central characters in the games.

    The embedment of the article and two videos is really well done. However I am confused as to whether they are your references or they are ideas of academic and non-academic sources to examine. Your writing was fairly concise so there may be room for more academic analysis and detail.

    I like how your video was very simple and straight to the point however there was probably room for more information. I understand if you were intending to use your blog post to go into more depth, that is also good!

    I have linked a journal article that addresses animated violence and its influence particularly on youth as well as the violent elements and perceptions.


    Overall a few minor spelling and grammar mistakes but I think the topic you have chosen to uncover is very distinct and I’m very fascinated to know more. Good luck!

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  4. Video Pitch

    I think your video pitch got your idea across, and I really liked how you used examples of videos gameplay to demonstrate your topic!
    I think however it could have been more effective if you had your voice talking over the video going a bit more indepth into your topic, rather then just having small chunks of text on your slides.

    Blog Post

    I think your blog post was very good! There are a couple sentances here and there however, that could’ve been worded more professionally.
    You went more indepth in your blog post which really helped explain your idea more throughly to your audience.
    It was also really nice to see you relate back to the course by talking about the FIST aplications of your DA.
    You also clearly provided links to your research regarding your topic.

    Overall I think your pitch was well done!
    I’ve linked below an article about violence in E-Rated video games

    As well I think a potentially interesting game to look into for animated violence is Fairytale Fights for the ps3.

    It was the first one that popped into my head when I originally heard your topic, it’s fairly graphic and could make a very interesting analysis!

    Good luck with your DA!

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  5. Hey Aimee, first of all, as someone who only has played games in their childhood, I’m SO damn excited that you’re doing two iconic gaming characters, I can’t wait to see your posts about these!

    Your video visuals looked great but I would have loved to hear you speak about them! It’s well edited but it is slow in pace but I feel like that would have been improved with more information. However, your blog made up for all of it because it gave a better overview of what your plan is and what parts about these games you’ll be analysing. Big thumbs up for using FIST!

    You’ve definitely done your research and you obviously have a passion for these games. Can’t wait to see how you look at these in depth and I’ll definitely be in tune.

    Thanks for sharing!

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